Patent Law

Patent Law and Utility Model Law

You look for the best patent strategy for your company?

You or your employees are inventors and want to patentyour invention?

You look for for additional sources of income and opportunities for exploiting your existing patent portfolio?

You want to know if your competitors own patents or utility models which might hinder you selling a product?

You want to revokea patent of a competitor?

You have founded a company and want to establish a patent portfolio for your start-up?

You have a limited budget and are concerned about the costs of a patent application?

We advise on all aspects of patent law.

Patent Applications and Utility Model Applications

We advise on how to quickly and cost-effectively achieve the broadest possible patent protection or utility model protection. For your inventions we offer a complete service before the German Patent and Trademark Office (DPMA), the European Patent Office (EPO) as well as before the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO). This is the drafting of German, European and international patent applications and utility model applications and the further defense in the grant procedure.  In addition to our domestic expertise, we have established a worldwide network of selected foreign law firms, attorneys, and technical experts who are qualified in various disciplines such as physics, chemistry, electric engineering, mechanical engineering and pharmaceuticals.

Patent Strategy

For our clients, we develop an individual strategy for safeguarding investments in further technical developments. In doing so, we consider your general conditions, especially your technical environment, your market position and your goals. Depending on this, we can optimize your patent portfolio with regard to the length of time required for the grant of patents, the fees or the question of relevant countries.

Possibilities for Exploiting Your Patents and Utility Models

In disputes with competitors, we advise you on the best possible exploitation of your patents and utility models. This is particularly extrajudicial licensing and patent infringement proceedings. Additionally, we monitor your patents and utility models with respect to possible patent infringements by third parties. This ensures that you benefit from the market monopoly given by a patent or utility model or generate additional license revenues.

Searches for third party property rights (Freedom to Operate - Analysis)

We also carry out searches for patents of third parties and advise you on the development of circumvention possibilities of patents, so - called Freedom to Operate analyzes. In this way, costly warnings can be avoided, at best even before you invest in the marketing of a product.

In Case of Emergency ...

We represent you in opposition and invalidity proceedings against third-party patents as well as in utility model cancellation procedures and defend you against attacks in infringement proceedings

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Strategies for Your Patent Portfolio

International, fast and cost-effective

You want to acquire worldwide patent protection quickly and inexpensively? In this case, we recommend directly filing an international patent application and to request  accelerated examination in Europe. In the best case your patent in Europe is granted before patent protection in other countries is requested. This often also influences grand procedures abroad due to a signal effect of a European patent. In this way, granting procedures abroad can be accelerated and costs for responding to foreign official communications can be reduced.

Patent Applications During Product Development

Your invention is soon to be implemented in a product. However, the product is not finalized yet. You still need time in which the invention may still be modified or details of the product are to be clarified. Nevertheless, you want to secure the core of your invention and prevent your competitors from getting ahead of you.

In this case we recommend a German patent application which is very cost-effective compared to a European patent application or an international patent application. After filing the patent application, you have one year time to claim the priority of this first application and even 18 months to further develop the invention and file subsequent applications directed to a modified subject matter.

Utility Model Protection for Already Published Inventions

Inventions must remain secret until you have filed a patent application. However, this is not always possible.
For an invention which has already been published, you may still obtain a utility model if the publication has not taken place more than six months ago.

The Most Cost-Effective Way

The most cost-effective option is a German patent application which is significantly less expensive than an International patent application or European patent application. In addition, you can postpone the examination procedure in Germany by up to seven years. This means that you can reserve the right to review your patent application for the case of dispute or infringement.

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