Design Law

Design Law

Youwant to protectthe design of a product?

You are looking for a protection strategy in connection with trademarks and patents?

You want to take actions from an existing registered design or from a non-registered design against product pirates?

You want to know if a design of a competitor is legally valid?

Design Applications

We advise you with respect to design applications in Germany before the German Patent and Trademark Office (GPTO), in Europe before the European Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) and with respect to international design registrations before the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO). To take care of the design process abroad, we draw on our global network of specialized firms in this area. In addition, we advise you with respect to non-registered design rights.

Strategies for Design Applications

We advise you how to obtain design protection in respect of the various options for design applications and alternatives. We take into account your economic environment, especially the life cycles of your products, your competitors and your customers.


We represent our clients in cancellation proceedings before relevant intellectual property offices and the Federal Patent Court and in infringement actions before district courts. In preparation of a legal dispute, we advise you with respect to warnings, license agreements or authorization requests and carry out design searches.
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Design Protection for Different Variants

You want to protect multiple manifestations of a product? We recommend filing a multiple application with up to 100 designs to save costs.

Design Protection and Colors

You do not want to limit your design rights to a specific color scheme? Then we recommend filing a design registration based on a black / white photo or a black / white drawing.


Design protection with short product cycles

You are not sure if a design registration really yields a profit, because your products, for example in the fashion industry, are subject to very short product cycles? In this case, we recommend that you delay the publication of your design by up to 30 months or to publish the design only in case of a dispute. This decreases the official fees significantly.

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